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Fake ID or Novelty ID. Before you buy a fake id reading my novelty id site reviews could make the difference between getting the novelty id you want or getting ripped off by a fake id site! I only now list good novelty id sites, if the fake id site is not listed on my board then be careful. I am always looking for new sites where you can buy fake id, the bad novelty id places or scam fake id ones I leave out, so just because the novelty id site is not listed does not mean its a legit place to buy fake id. When a fake id seller is not listed here it is almost certain to be a scam novelty id outfit.  Stay away from any fake id sites in the USA or Canada they are always a scam selling fake id regardless of how good the novelty id samples are, do NOT buy fake id from them. Thanks for visiting my novelty id site review!!!...
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There's a lot of scams out there when buying an fake or novelty ID card. Novelty ID cards are legal. Made up designs where the designer of the card owns the copyright.

Here's some warnings :
A) Don't buy from sites located in the USA. They are all scams...
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